Drip Irrigation Using Canal Water by Creating a Farm Pond.

Drip Irrigation with Farm Pond on Canal Water

Date: 09-09-2021

Irrigation Overview:

The annual water availability in India is around 4% (4000 bcm), as against the population of 17% compared to the world’s figures. Out of which, the effective water usage is 1200 bcm causing huge distribution losses. Out of that 1200 bcm, approxmately 84% is for Agriculture, 12% for Industries and 4% is for domestic uses. Hence, considering our population in 2025 and in 2050, our country will experience immense water stress in the upcoming days.

Out of the total irrigated area in India, around 37% of the area is irrigated with Canal Irrigation or Surface Irrigation. In Maharashtra, the percentage for the same is around 29%. Amost, all the area which uses Surface Irrigation is irrigated with Flood Irrigation, leading to huge ground water losses. If the same area is brought under Drip Irrigation and if systems and equipment by Kothari Drip Irrigation System Manufacurers and Supplies in India are used, there can be a minimum of 35 to 60% water saving.

Hence, if the Canal Irrigation water can be combined with Drip Irrigation, then the water loss issues can be smartly dealt with, leading to an increase in the overall Irrigation area. Also, Drip Irrigation increases the yield, maintains soil health which also saves fertigation.


If an invidual farmer or the entire local water distribution society (cluster approach)decide to go for the Farm Pond method & stored the canal water in their respective farm ponds, they can easily opt for Drip Irrigation. The size of the Farm pond can be designed by the farmers on the basis of the area to be irrigated & the Canal Irrigation rotation period.

Designed capasity z(size)& Location of Farm Pond

The size of the farm pond depends on the followig factors:

  • The area & crops to be irrigated
  • Canal Irrigation rotations (number of rotations) during the cropping period
  • The depth of loose soil
  • The period for which water storage is needed
  • The temperature in summer(extreme hot weather)

Water storage needed in m3= (A x B x C)/1000) + D
A= Maximum Daily water required by the Crop (mm/Day)using Drip Irrigation Systems
B= Area to be irrigated (m2)
C= Time period in days, between two canal rotations
D= Average water losses in period C. Those are approx 10% of ((A x B x C)/1000)


For 1 Ha Sugarcane, the Farm pond with summer canal rotation of 2 months
Water storage needed in m3= 46 Lak liters = 4600 m3
With Average 5 meter depth , we will need 920 m2area for Farm pond

Farm Pond Installation & Care

  • The shape given to the farm pond should be a trapezoidal shape. Also, the top width of the farm pond should be more, for easy movement of manpower.
  • The depth of loose soil needs to be checked before finalising the size of the farm pond.
  • The depth can be increased by building a sidewall with the help of the material taken out from farm pond.
  • The sidewall & the total inner area need strong pitching, in order to avoid any damage caused to the farm pond due to soil swelling in the rainy season.
  • Need to put plastic paper along the surface of the Farm Pond to avoid infiltration losses.
  • BIS has marked that quaility paper should be selected for durability.
  • The plastic paper should be laid on smooth soil surface to avoid tearing of the same, due to sharp stones.
  • The corners of the plastic paper should be put at least in 1 meter soil from all sides to avoid damage to the paper due to wind or human movement.
  • The total farm pond should be secured with a boundry wall to avoid entry of animals.
  • To minimise the water losses, some techniques can be adopted like covering the pond with green net, etc.

Drip Installation on Farm Pond

  • While installing Drip Irrigation System, the filtration should be kept near the farm pond area.
  • A Sand filter must be used while installing the system.

Additional Income

You can start a Fishery business for gaining additional profits from the farm pond.


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