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Suction Pipe

Date: 28-04-2022

What is Suction?

Pulling or delivering of water from water source to the surface level is called suction. This needs specially designed pipes since the water is pulled against the gravity. That is why the Kothari Group, manufacturers of the best quality Hose pipes, suction pipes, column pipes, HDPE coil stands out in the market for reliability.

Why needed different Pipe for Suction?

The suction pipes are designed to sustain different pressures as per the different water sources. In Irrigation the regular PVC pipes are designed for the limited velocity (1.5 m/s) to have a laminar flow & hence they are used for ground operations. For bringing the water from Well or Bore or from other sources against gravity, the pipe velocity increases beyond 1.5 m/s, up to 3 m/s & creates the turbulent flow. Hence suction pipes needs to be high quality, flexible & capable of sustaining internal & external pressure acting on it.

For Well:

Usually we use monoblock or submersible pump in well.

Usually suction Hose Pipe are used as the suction Pipe in the well.

Kothari Suction Hose Pipe:

Used as the suction pipes in open well with monoblock pump or with submersible pump.

  • It's Non-corrosive, anti-rust, electrolytic, anti-clogging and hence ensures clean and safe water supply.
  • Light weight and easy to transport
  • Tough, Strong & durable pipe for extending Longest life
  • Easy to install or handle
  • Allows smooth water flow that reduces head losses & hence reduces the expenses of electricity
  • Comes in 3 different types as per our depth of use viz Regular, medium & Super
For Bore-Well:

Usually bore well submersible pump or Jet pump is used in Bore-well. We recommend Kothari HDPE Coil or Kothari Column Pipes are used. In Borewell the pipe have to sustain external pressure of the pump & its own & the internal water pressure.

Kothari HDPE Coil:

For small bore-well depth up to 125 to 150 meters, it is recommended to use HDPE Coil. The depth of loose soil & other bore parameters also decides the recommendations of HDPE Coil in bore-well. Kothari HDPE Coil is available from 1” to 5” diameters in different pressure ratings from 4 Kg/cm2 to 20 Kg/cm2

  • Portable water supply.
  • Lift & Gravity Irrigation Systems.
  • Marine & underwater pipeline.
  • Compressed air lines.
  • Above & underground cable ducting.
  • In industry for chemical conveying pipeline.
  • Suitable to use with submersible, jet, monoblock Pumps
  • Pump suction & delivery pipes.
  • Pumping main & distribution lines.
  • Drip & sprinkler irrigation systems.
Kothari Column Pipes:

Usually recommended in Bore well for the high depths up to 350 meters (more than 1000 feet). Usually Kothari Column Pipes available in 1 to 4” in sizes in 12.5 Kg/cm2 to 35 Kg/cm2 pressure rating.

  • Non Toxic (Lead Free) 100% Safe for Drinking Water
  • Tough, strong & Durable with Metal Free Compound
  • Impact resistant hence almost non-breakable
  • Unique Double Locking System
  • Very smooth internal surface (less frictional losses)
  • Highly insulated for thermal (Heat)
  • India’s First Impact Sustaining Lock System
  • Excellent category for multiple uses
  • Available in Sizes from 1” (25mm ID) to 4” (100mm ID)

- Sandeep Deshpande
AGM- Sales & Marketing