Fertijet Machine

Galcon – Israel Make
    Features and Benefits:
  • A smart, compact, fertigation control unit for advanced irrigation systems.
  • Fertigation based on precize fertigation principle.
  • Is a unique, compact, simple, and modular Fertigation control systems to be used both for greenhouses or open- fields irrigation systems.
  • Fertijet is designed to most accurately perform the injection of nutrients into the irrigation water pipe by a set of Venturi type fertilizer injectors along with EC&PH control.
  • It can simply and quickly be linked to almost any irrigation control head within a range of 1”- 4”, or for flow rates in range of 1-100 m3/Hr.
  • Fertijet can save precious fertilizers, maximize yields and products quality.
  • Fertijet machine spread the fertilizer with every drop of water and to control the exact concentration of fertilizer in the water by measuring the water EC & PH.
Technical Specifications:
Fertijet standard Booster Pump Capacity 3 HP
Fertijet-Hi-Flow Booster Pump Capacity 5.5 HP
Fertilizer Injector (Ec) 350 Lph / 700 Lph / 120 Lph on demand
Fertilizer Injector (pH) 160 Lph
Each Fertijet can be equipped 2+1 up to 7+1 fertilizer injectors.