Filter Backwash Valve

    Features and Benefits:
  • IR-350 series valves are compact 3 – port valves in a T configuration.
  • They are double chambered, hydraulically operated and diaphragm actuated.
  • Design for automatic back washing of filtration system.
  • Valves are available in Angle flow and straight flow configuration.
  • Double-chambered valve with long valve travel resulting in: Protected diaphragm, higher flow, quick & smooth mode change, and eliminating mixing of supply & wastewater.
  • User friendly can be installed in various orientations.
  • Automatic Backwash of Filter batteries: Sand Filter, Disc Filter & Screen Filter.
  • Single Filter Autonomic Backwash System.
  • Angle or Straight installations.
Technical Specifications:
2’’ X 2” X 2”
3” X 3’’ X 3’’ / 2”
4’’ X 4’’ X 4”
Operating Pressure
0.7 – 10 bar
Flow Patterns
Straight Flow , Reverse Straight Flow, Angle Flow
End Connection
Threaded Female
Victaluic Flange
Solenoid Voltage Range
24V AC, 9 – 20V DC