Fully Automatic Screen Filter (Plastic Imported)

    Features and Benefits:
  • Groundbreaking multi-screen polymeric, self-cleaning filter.
  • Unique mechanical components.
  • Innovative compact design.
  • Cutting edge and cost effective.
  • Five filter screens – for creation of a large filtration area relative to its size and handling of high flow rates per area.
  • Suction-scanning screen technology –for automated cleaning only when required.
  • Hydraulic turbine –for reduction of energy consumption.
  • Smart gear –for utilization of less flushing water while continuously filtering.
  • Polymeric housing and internal parts –for increased reliability and durability regardless of water type and chemical presence.
  • Ideal solution for agricultural and municipal filtration systems.
  • Can be used for primary filtration in place of sand media filters for small/Large farm holdings.
  • Diverse open-field irrigation, landscaping, greenhouse and aquaculture applications.
Technical Specifications:
Max. Flow Rate
100 m /hr
160 m /hr
220 m /hr
Inlet/Outlet dia.
4” Flange/ Victaulic
6” Flange/ Victaulic
8” Flange/ Victaulic
Screen Filter Area
6000 cm2
8000 cm2
8000 cm2
Standard Filtration degree
300, 200, 130, 100, 80 micron
Screen Type
Molded weave wire stainless steel 316L
Min. working pressure
1.5 Bar for Electrical controller 2.2 Bar for Hydraulic controller
Max. working pressure
10 Bar
10 Bar
10 Bar
Min. flow for flushing
30 m3 /h @1.5 Bar
40 m3 /h @ 1.5 Bar
74 m3 /h @ 6.0 Bar

Reject water volume

per flush cycle

150-200 Liter
200 Liter
300 Liter
Flushing Cycle
20 seconds
10 seconds
15 seconds
Flushing Criteria
Differential pressure of 0.5 bar, time intervals
and manual operation10 seconds15 seconds