Galcon : AC-6S, AC-12S, AC-24S

Time Base Controller
    Features and Benefits:
  • Separate irrigation schedule can be programmed for each valve.
  • Programmable weekly / cyclical irrigation schedules.
  • Irrigation window in cyclical program mode.
  • Irrigation duration can be varied according to the percentage value.
  • Manual operation of individual valves.
  • Sequential manual operation of all the valves.
  • Valve assignment to a lockout sensor.
  • Identification of short circuits in the system, disconnection of a shorted valve and visual alarm.
  • Controller is programmable using a backup battery power, connection to electrical source is not required while programming.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Very useful in large areas with minimum effort.
  • Suitable for municipal gardening.
  • Suitable for green houses, nurseries and large lawns.
Technical Specifications:
  • Irrigation Duration – Minutes; Seconds (“S” Models).
  • Starting Time: 4 starts per day and according to days of the week.
  • Cycle – Days or Minutes.
  • Operation of 6 to 24 valves + master valve (depend on the model)
  • 800248-AC-24 Station is modular controller 8 stations & variable upto 24 Stations.
  • Operation of 2 valves simultaneously +master valve.
  • Up to 4 irrigation activations per day per valve in programmable weekly schedule mode.
  • Irrigation frequency from once every minute to once every 30 days in cyclical program.
  • Operation by means of a 220 VAC – 24 VAC transformers.
  • 9V battery program backup.
  • Operation of electrical valves 24 VAC.