Galpro AC / DC

Valume Base Controller
    Features and Benefits:
  • Compact Standalone and easy to program.
  • Smart Controller with advanced irrigation and fertilizing functions that fits the need of today’s modern agriculture.
  • Advanced hardware & software technology.
  • Reliable controller that adjusts easily to different applications.
  • Equipped with friendly interface which can be easily programmed and operated using the central selector and touch keys.
  • Powered by internal standard 4 x 1.5 volt D type batteries with no need of solar panel.
  • Operating DC latch solenoid.
  • Powered by 110/220VAC and is able to operate 24VAC solenoid.
  • Most useful for large areas with minimum effort.
  • Most economical solution for small holding farmers.
  • Can be used for green houses, nurseries and large lawns.
Technical Specifications:
  • Outputs: 4 or 8 valves (depend on the model).
  • 1 Master valve, 1 fertilizing pump; Operate by 2 filters (by time or P).
  • Inputs: 4 water meters; 1 fertilizer meter; 3 conditions input dry contact operated.
  • Irrigation: By quantity or by time.
  • 8 independent sequences.
  • Irrigation scheduling: By interval or by weekly.
  • Fertigation: Time, proportional, quantity.
  • Accumulated fertilizer and water quantities for each valve. Low battery alarm.
  • Master valve delay can be set.
  • Log allows the user to access history of irrigation & alarms.