Galstar AC / DC

Valume Base Controller
    Features and Benefits:
  • It is a medium sized controller.
  • It is capable of controlling two irrigation heads.
  • It's software includes all programming features of an irrigation controller including fertilization according to EC and pH.
  • It is designed to be operated via wide screen and keyboard.
  • It is also capable of communication with a PC.
  • The keyboard is designed in a similar fashion as automatic telling machines (with function keys).
  • Controller is very user friendly.
  • It provides remarkable sophistication in relation to its size.
  • Available in various models such as Mini Galstar AC/DC, Galstar 24 AC/DC and Galstar 32 AC/DC.
  • Most useful for large areas with minimum effort.
  • Most economical solution for Medium/Large holding farmers.
Technical Specifications:
  • Irrigation Control Parameters : Time, Quantity, Water Budget %, Accumulated quantity per valve, Accumulated quantity per area.
  • Irrigation Cycle: By Week, By Interval, By Sequence.
  • Fertigation Machine : Fertijet, Fertigal.
  • Fertilizer Pump : By Time, By Quantity, By Proportion, By EC & PH
  • User Interface : LCD & PC client
  • Lightning Strike Protection : Optional
  • Maintenance & Alarming : Overflow, Underflow, Water pulse fault, Uncontrolled water, Pause device, Irrigation History, Alarm History, Accumulated quantity per valve.
Galcon Agriculture Controllers
Mini Gal Star
Gal Star
Main Valve
Valves/Output Upto 16
Upto 32
Upto 16
Upto 32
56 I/O
Fertilizers/Output Upto 8 in each MV 3 in each MV
Filters/Outputs Upto 24 in each MV 4 in each MV
Water Meters/Inputs
8 Inputs
24 Inputs
Ferti Meter/Input
Digital Inputs
Analog Inputs