GSI (Galcon Smart Irrigation)

Valume Base Controller
    Features and Benefits:
  • It is a small sized controller.
  • It is simple web based irrigation controller.
  • Easy installation – flexible options like indoor and outdoor; wall mounted, post mount and pedestal mount.
  • Secured Online Irrigation Management – anywhere, anytime.
  • Cloud based application allows access from any computer with internet access. Software download or dedicated computer is not required.
  • Access and feature control is assigned to individual users and protected by a unique user password.
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrades.
  • Compatible with most existing irrigation valves and solenoids.
  • Available in AC and DC options.
  • Advanced battery saving technology allows DC controller to be “offline” while continually managing field-based irrigation activities, high/low flow reactions, maintaining irrigation logs and water use reports.
  • Most useful for cloud based irrigation controlling system.
  • It is easy to optimize landscape-watering schedules.
  • Can be used for orchards, turfs & public gardens.
Technical Specifications:
  • DC controller: 12 stations + Master Valve, battery operated controller.
  • AC controller: 24 stations + Master Valve, standard electric connection.
  • Eight (8) irrigation programs with unlimited start times.
  • Fertigation Control and Programming.
  • Satellite Controller features and LCD screen with basic (two-way) online or field based programming.
  • Integrated with data modem and internal antenna.
  • Smartphone App.
  • Inputs: Rain sensor, Flow sensor.
  • SIM Card Facility.