Features and Benefits:
  • The BERMAD S-390-3W is a compact 3-Way Solenoid, specially designed for reliable long life service in irrigation systems controlled by Continuous Current Controllers (CCC).
  • Solenoid can control valves independently or in combination with other control circuit accessories.
  • It is excels in its low power and low sensitivity to dirt and voltage variations.
  • The hydraulic base features a manual override and consists of a bracket for attaching to the valve or to a solenoid manifold.
  • Angled Plastic Base with Installation Bracket: High flow capacity quickens valve response & Manual override open.
  • Reliable operation under dirt loaded water & Low sensitivity to voltage variations.
  • Proven pressure, voltage and weather resistance.
  • Simple Installation, Operation and Maintenance.
  • Solenoid controlled on/off valves.
  • Solenoid controlled pressure and flow control valves.
  • Multiple valve systems.
  • Systems distanced from control center.