HDPE Pipe Sprinkler Set Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Sprinkler irrigation is adaptable to any farmable slope, whether uniform or undulating. The lateral pipes supplying water to the sprinklers should be laid out along the land contour whenever possible. This may minimize the pressure changes at the sprinklers and supply uniform precipitation. If practically it's difficult to put in along the contours pressure compensating sprinklers also can be used. Sprinkler irrigation may be a method of applying water almost like rainfall. Kothari Sprinkler Irrigation distributes through the pressurised network system. It's then sprinkled through sprinkler nozzles to realize uniformly distributed rainfall. Hence Kothari is regarded as one of the top Sprinkler Irrigation manufacturer in India. Sprinklers are best suited to sandy soils with high infiltration rates although they're adaptable to most soils. The typical application rate from the sprinklers (mm/hour) is usually chosen to be but the essential infiltration rate of the soil in order that surface ponding and runoff are often avoided.

HDPE Pipe Sprinkler Set

    Features and Benefits:
  • Full circle impact sprinkler.
  • Brass head with cored water passage and double bridge construction.
  • Wide impact area increases level life.
  • Brass range nozzle for precise water jet and large radius coverage.
  • Spreader nozzle for low range water dispersion.
  • Sprinkler pipes are manufactured from high quality virgin pipe grade materials having excellent flow characteristics.
  • No effect of U V radiation.
  • Light in weight and long life.
  • Leakage Proof.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation System is suitable for almost all field crops like Groundnut, Sugarcane, Wheat, Pulses, Vegetables, cotton, soybean, tea, coffee & fodder crops.
    Available Sizes:
  • Sprinkler pipes are available from 63 mm to 110 mm in 2.5 kgf/cm , 3.2 kgf/cm & 4 kgf/cm
  • These pipes are available in both ” L ” type & ” K ” type.